Participatory budget

RuutiBudjetti is a participatory budgeting model aimed at upper stage comprehensive school students for the purpose of making Helsinki more their own. In RuutiBudjetti, decisions on the leisure time activities and services offered to young people are made together with the young people.

There, ideas are collected and refined in several stages, so that as many young people as possible are able to influence the development of leisure time activities, hobby opportunities, their own living environment and Helsinki as a whole. RuutiBudjetti gets close to young people because it is implemented regionally in cooperation between youth work units and upper stage comprehensive schools.

The results of RuutiBudjetti can be seen around Helsinki in tangible measures such as events, new hobby opportunities and improved services. The most important thing is that, in addition to brainstorming and negotiations, young people are involved in implementing the measures of RuutiBudjetti.

RuutiBudjetti is part of the City of Helsinki’s budget

For more information on the RuutiBudget, including the progress of the action plans, visit the RuutiBudget website (finnish only).