Helsinki Youth Council influences issues that matter to young people in Helsinki

Helsinki Youth Council is a statutory youth participation channel as specified in the Local Government Act. It is an annually elected group of thirty young people aged 13–17 from Helsinki. Their task is to ensure that the voice of young people is heard in decision-making and in the planning, implementation and monitoring of the operations of the various divisions in Helsinki. The Youth Council is part of the Ruuti influencing system in Helsinki.

Helsinki Youth Council was previously known as ‘Ruuti core group.’ The group changed its name to Helsinki Youth Council at the beginning of 2018. For the first time, the council has 30 members instead of the previous 20 in 2019.

Helsinki Youth Council is democratically elected. There were 60 candidates in the 2018 election, the turnout percentage was approximately 35% and a total of approximately 9,500 votes were cast. Starting from 2019, the election will be held every two years, which means that the term of the council is going to be two years. You can find more information on the election and running here (in Finnish).

The Youth Council holds regular meetings roughly twice a month, and meets in various working groups and small teams to discuss different issues. You can also find the Youth Council on Facebook and Instagram.

Helsinki Youth Coucil on Facebook
Helsinki Youth Council on Instagram