What is Ruuti?

Ruuti is a participation system for the young people of Helsinki. On this website, you can send your own ideas, take part in conversations, comment and support other people’s ideas, receive help in your own activities and get involved with a new group. Ruuti is primarily aimed at the young people of Helsinki between the ages of 13 and 20.

Ruuti consists of all the activities where young people or young people’s groups aim to make Helsinki a better city. A flaw or a lack in your own life or surroundings can spark an activity just as well as a need to preserve the status quo. Fundamentally, this is what making a difference is about. The means of participation are free and not necessarily limited to the traditional channels of decision-making.

Ruuti as a system is based on supporting young people’s groups. Even though young people can leave initiatives individually, ideas often evolve into better ideas when they are discussed in groups. Ruuti also helps the decision-makers, officials and other agents in the city to listen to young people in matters concerning them. Every year, we organise events where decision-makers and young people, on their own terms, negotiate the issues chosen by the young people themselves.

Helsinki Youth Council is a group of thirty young people that is elected annually, that works as a link between the decision-makers and the young people of Helsinki. Furthermore, the Youth Council takes the ideas developed in the Ruuti.net website and by the activity groups forward in cooperation with the decision-makers of the city of Helsinki.

Questions concerning the core group as well as contacts for individual core group members are handled by Krista Huovinen, 040 486 6520, krista.huovinen(at)hel.fi,

Questions related to initiatives are handled by Heli Kinnula, 041 5121707, heli.kinnula(at)hel.fi