Participatory budjeting

What is participatory budgeting?

The Youth Department wants to empower young people and include them in the planning and decision-making of their local districts. After all, young people are the experts on their own districts and on how young people spend their time in them.

Young people are already participating in and deciding upon many things, for example, at their local youth centres. In fact, many of the activities and events organised at youth centres have originated from ideas set forth by young people, and many of them have also been planned and realised by young people. The participatory budgeting tour aims to continue this trend. The goal is to get young people to decide upon what kind of spare time activities will be available in 2014, in the districts governed by the Haaga-Kaarela Youth Work Unit and the South-eastern Youth Work Unit. We believe that giving young people the power to come up with, decide upon and realise ideas will boost their confidence in their own abilities to affect decision-making procedures and create a more fun Helsinki.


How can I take part?

Come and join the tour!

If you’re a young person who lives in Haaga-Kaarela or south-eastern Helsinki, or if you spend your spare time in these districts, come and join the participatory budgeting tour! The tour starts in May 2013 and will continue in autumn 2013. The goal of the tour is to gather the ideas, hopes and thoughts of young people on the potential recreational activities in these two districts. What are the best activities available, the ones that there should be more of? And what about the less pleasant things, the ones that should be fixed, preferably as soon as possible? If you have an opinion or an idea, bring it with you to the spring or autumn tour or take part in the online discussion at

Join the team

We are also looking for young people to join the participatory budgeting team. As part of the team, you will be reviewing the ideas that are posted online and gathered during the tours in the decision-making workshops, which will be organised during the autumn. These workshops will compile all of the ideas from both districts and present them as potential activities to be organised in the two districts in 2014. The participatory budgeting team will compile a final proposal on the activities and submit it to the Ruuti core group. From there, the proposals will be handed over to the City Council Youth Committee for review. We at the Youth Department will keep our fingers crossed, so that in 2014, young people will see how their ideas are refined into action and social activities. This will ensure a better city for us all!

More information about the tour and its schedule will be posted in local schools, youth centres and here at the website throughout spring. Keep your eyes peeled!