The annual RuutiExpo, a large-scale participation event for young people, takes place in autumn. The event is now being organised for the fourth time. RuutiExpo brings together decision-makers, office-holders, departments, organisations and young people. The goal of the event is to meet, encounter and work together. RuutiExpo encourages participation and introduces many different forms of participation. In RuutiExpo, all the participants are able to find their own way of taking things forward. RuutiExpo features all kinds of activities: the participants can take the floor, engage in round table discussions and attend seminars and interesting workshops. RuutiExpo also provides a chance to check up on the implementation of the young people’s initiatives that were agreed upon in Päättäjämiitti. RuutiExpo also kicks off the election process for Ruuti core group. Furthermore, the current core group introduces its accomplishments, and the new candidates introduce themselves. RuutiExpo is organised by the Youth Department.

The RuutiExpo website



Every spring, Päättäjämiitti offers young people between the ages of 13 and 19 a chance to introduce their initiatives into the sphere of municipal and political decision-making. The issues can range from moped facilities to leisure time activities. Young people, political decision-makers and city officials all take part in the event. In Päättäjämiitti, you get to promote the issues that are important to you together with the decision-makers. Päättäjämiitti starts in the morning, when young people divide into small groups with different themes to prepare initiatives. During the day, young people, office-holders and decision-makers participate in theme-specific workshops, where they draw up a common action plan stating how to go forward and who will carry the responsibility. The negotiations conclude with young people introducing the action plans. The plans will be revisited in RuutiExpo to see what kind of progress has been made.



Ruuti Core Group Election

The election for Ruuti core group takes place every autumn. A core group of 20 young people is chosen through the election process, and the task of this group is to work as a link between the young people of Helsinki and the decision-makers. The core group makes sure that the voice of the young people of Helsinki is heard in the city. The election process begins with the nomination of candidates. All 13- to 17-year-old residents of Helsinki can stand for election. No previous experience in participation activities is required. Anyone can join in as long as you’re ready to commit to the year-long operating period. The voting process kicks off in the participation event RuutiExpo. The core group is elected through electronic voting, where all 13- to 17-year-old residents of Helsinki are entitled to vote.

Ruuti Student Association Days

During the Ruuti Student Association Days, comprehensive school pupils from different participation groups envision and plan out the participation activities for the school year. The Student Association Days take place in autumn. The pupils can represent different participation groups within the school, for example tutors or members of environmental groups.

The Student Association Days offer new information and new ideas as well as a chance to meet other active Student Association representatives!


Lord Mayor’s Student Association Days

The Lord Mayor’s Student Association Days are organised every other year at City Hall. The goal of the event is to reinforce participation opportunities for young people and provide positive experiences in successful participation. The activities are led by the Lord Mayor and the Deputy Mayor for Education and Cultural Affairs. All the comprehensive schools, special schools, hospital schools, upper secondary schools and vocational institutions of Helsinki participate in the event. The plan of the Lord Mayor’s Student Association Days is to go through the statements prepared in schools and institutions. Four to six issues are dealt with per meeting. Both the comprehensive and the upper secondary levels make their own declaration based on the statements handled. The declarations are then handed out to the Education Committee, office-holders and headmasters as well as pupils and students. A number of office-holders and elected officials attend the Lord Mayor’s Student Association Days. They comment on the presentations given by pupils and students. You can watch the meetings on the Helsinki Channel.


Ruuti Budget Festival

Spring brings along a number of cheerful Ruuti Budget Events, where young people get to envision local leisure time activities and have their say on how funds are distributed. RuBuFests are organised in all over the city. The events are aimed at local young people attending the upper stage of comprehensive school. The development proposals and ideas will be listed on the website. After the ideas have been gathered, young people develop the ideas into action proposals in workshops. The proposals are then handed out to local schools, where pupils vote on them. In addition to the Granny Café at the Tuorinniemi skatepark that is open for all, Ruuti Budget has enabled such projects as an artwork being set up in the Pohjois-Haaga train station and an anti-bullying campaign carried out in schools.