Activity Groups

Activity groups consist of young people who actively promote an issue chosen by the group. Activity groups can e.g. focus on increasing sporting activities and putting up a legal graffiti wall or bring forth discussion on urine-soaked metro elevators and animal rights.

The groups can have long-term goals or only meet up a few times to promote a certain issue. The line-up can be fixed or fluctuating. The groups can be fully independent or receive support from adults working among young people. Even though a group might be assembled by an adult, it’s crucial that the activities are focused on an issue chosen by the young people themselves! The activity groups make a difference by aiming to fix a flaw or preserve the status quo.

All activity groups should register into the Activity Groups section of the website and bring forth their ideas e.g. by blogging so that the activities of the group gain visibility. Both the Ruuti core group and the decision-makers follow the activity groups on the website and raise discussion on the issues promoted by those groups.