entirely translated into English and Swedish

Website is avaible in three different languages: Finnish, Swedish and English. It was great to see that all these three languages, manly used by young people of Helsinki, are notified on this website. After spending a short time with English- and Swedish-translated versions of this website, I found out that they contain much less information compared to the Finnish version of the site. All of the young people of Helsinki don’t have Finnish as their mother tongue like I have or they’re not fluent in Finnish at all, which means they don’t have the opportunity to get the same information that I’m able to get or suggest what I’m going to suggest. In the name of equality, I suggest that this website,, would be entirely translated into Swedish and English.

Antti Avoranta
Member of Helsinki Youth Council


Aloite on kirjattu diaarinumerolla:HEL 2019-000310
Asia on vireillä ja valmistelussa: Leena Mickwitz, kaupunginsihteeri, puhelin: 310 36054, leena.mickwitz(a)

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